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Metal Care & Cleaning

METAL CLAD Feature Wall Panels, Splashbacks & Table Tops

Brass, Copper and Steel are all living surfaces that will react with their environment therefore patinated finishes will develop further over time.

Panels are oiled and waxed prior to leaving our workshop which does help slow down the rate of patination but continual washing and cleaning will cause the patina to develop more quickly. You can order Jade Oil online to help preserve and maintain your METAL CLAD panels, alternatively this is often available in hardware stores.

Copper is an anti-bacterial surface. Most common bacteria cannot survive on a copper surface for more than a few hours. Brass too has a degree of anti bacterial action.


Cleaning: Wash gently with warm soapy water only. Do not use acidic or alkali based products. Use Jade Oil, which will displace any moisture from the metal and leave a protective layer over the surface. You can apply a microcrystalline wax and buff if you wish. Where there is heavy verdigris patination, be careful not to rub the surface patina away. How often you need to clean, oil and wax panels very much depends upon the installation situation and usage. If the panel is on a wardrobe door in a bedroom you may not need to do anything for well over a year or more. If it’s a splash back which is splashed with fried oil or other food deposits you will need to clean far more frequently. 

Liquid: Liquids, including water, should be cleaned and dried from the surface as soon as possible. Acidic liquids such as vinegar or fruit juice may remove the patina.

Heat & Direct Sunlight: Do not set down hot plates or pans etc. without using a placemat or trivet as this will cause warping. Metal can become very hot if exposed to direct sunlight, particularly in an outdoor environment. Speak to us about outdoor use.

Ferrous Metals: Metals containing iron such as cast iron skillets can react if in direct contact with live metals such as brass, copper & steel. Don't put an iron pan directly onto a METAL CLAD surface.