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Moss Antiqued Copper
Moss Antiqued Copper

Moss Antiqued Copper

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Sheet copper with moss green and blue verdigris patination.

Sizes: Standard tile sizes can be selected in the dropdown menu above, and bespoke sized & shaped panels are priced on application.

Thickness: METALCLAD finishes are applied to solid metal sheet and are 1.2mm thick as standard. We can add an MDF substrate if a greater depth is required for a worktop, for example.

Suitability: Decorative Interior Wall Cladding. This finish is not recommended for splash backs as it cannot be easily cleaned without damaging the surface. 

Bespoke: Pricing for bespoke sizes, shapes, cutouts and the application of substrates is additional, please contact us for an estimate.

We also suggest that you contact us if you would like the distressing to flow across the panels as they would be laid out and patinated together for your project. 

Finish & Sampling: Copper is a living surface that will react with its environment and therefore the patinated finish will develop further & change over time. 

Panels are oiled prior to leaving our workshop which does help slow down the rate of patination but continual washing and cleaning will cause the patina to develop more quickly. You can order Jade Oil & Wax online to help preserve and maintain your METALCLAD panels.

100mm sample squares are an indication of the final surface finish and not an exact representation. Final finishes will vary in appearance due to the organic patination process and the 'living' surface. Please refer to images alongside your sample.